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Where are you located & where do I park?

We are in the basement of the Livestock Building. Which is the building in the walking mall with the GIANT mural on the side. There are lots of free one & two hour parking areas downtown. Click HERE for a parking map of downtown. 

Do I need cycling shoes?

Nope! They definitely enhance the experience, but our pedals have cages for tennis shoes too. If you do have clip ins, our pedals are SPD cleat compatible.

Do you have beginner classes?

Yes, we offer our Skyre Start class a couple times a month depending on demand. We know that starting any type of new workout, or even working out at a new place can be scary. We want to show you we are here to have fun and help you get in shape in whatever way feels best for you! We all have to start somewhere, start at Skyre!

Where do I change & what do I wear?

We have one bathroom in the studio, and one in the hall downstairs. Unfortunately, we do not have showers at this time. Wear whatever you feel comfortable working out in!

Still curious about our studio? Contact us today!

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